Between 2 Worlds Vol 1

July 5, 2022 2022-07-06 17:15

Between 2 Worlds Vol 1


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Between 2 Worlds Vol 1

Read as a continuum, volume 1 of this 5-part monograph series tells the story of Grenadian architect, Bryan Bullen’s migration to Canada as a young boy. His personal accounts of travel, academia, and life experiences which have fueled his creativity - before and after repatriation to the Caribbean and his development as he continues to overcome the many challenges faced while practicing architecture on the small ‘unspoiled’ island of Grenada.


"This two volume monograph traces Bryan Bullen's practice in architecture and in doing so partly fills the void created by Grenada's failure to embrace its architectural heritage and create a distinctive architectural identity. Bullen's architectural accomplishments provide a foundation for Grenadians to begin discussing the value and importance of developing a national architecture style for Grenada that considers the country's-built heritage, limited land space and, most importantly, its fragile ecosystem. Bullen's pessimistic view of several developments on the island, particularly the lack of interest in preserving the unique architecture in the capital of St. George's, are issues highlighted in the monograph. Bullen's monograph is a must-read, not only for policymakers and physical planners but for all those interested in maintaining and enhancing the beauty of Grenada's unique landscape. Regionally, Bullen's work is also essential as it raises issues about embracing modernity in the context of heritage. Here in Grenada how do we embrace modernity while respecting the capital’s architecture style which has defined its uniqueness as the only Georgian harbour city in the Caribbean?"
Oliver Benoit, PhD, MFA
Sociologist and Artist
Humanities and Social Sciences
School of Arts and Sciences
St. Georges University
"Inspirational and written in a style that is accessible and engaging, Bryan Bullen’s monographs took me on his journey of discovery of purpose, creative expression, and craftsmanship, at the intersections of modernism in the Caribbean context. His work shared in these monographs can be seen as part of a wider, and much needed dialogue on Caribbean architecture - both present and its possible future."
Akin Looby
Port of Spain, Trinidad
"I found these monographs to be a fascinating read - surprisingly so! I never thought I'd be so interested in architecture, but Bryan writes with a fluid, easy style that makes the subject come alive. As a proud Grenadian, I really love our new Parliament Building, a symbol of pride, in which Bryan can be proud. His forward-looking vision and redesign of our beautiful (but "shabby-genteel"!) Carenage, and by extension the town of Saint George's is duly welcomed."
S. Brian Samuel
Financial Consultant
Saint George’s, Grenada