Between 2 Worlds Vol 2

July 6, 2022 2022-07-06 17:14

Between 2 Worlds Vol 2


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Between 2 Worlds Vol 2

Selected works by architect, Bryan Bullen, are recorded in this second volume of the 5-part monograph series. Work that is uncompromisingly contemporary yet respectful grounded in the history, the people and its place. Forging a language that is reflective of its time and aiming to re-brand itself in the context of the post-colonial experience. Showing resilience in a new world order that demands sustainability and the changing of perspectives.


"Having had the pleasure of experiencing first-hand, some of Bryan Bullen’s architectural designs, one is richly stimulated and engaged both at the level of the senses (the body) and the imagination (the mind). These monographs bring to life his artfully designed spaces and their realization as tangible, eloquent, and place-defining architectural artefacts inspired by the history, the culture, and the beautiful landscape of Grenada."
Dr. Saeed Hydaralli
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Sociology
Roger Williams University
"Informative and impactful… These monographs following the ideal of an architect who refuses to settle for average - moving beyond tradition with a style that is new and fresh. Bryan Bullen’s architecture provides a positive and welcomed response to building in the context of Grenada and by extension to Caribbean."
Victor Helmich / Vikki Jackson
May 2022
. . . "Bold and progressively creative insertions of modernist design into our tropical environment."
Michael Julien
Architectural Designer
"These monographs capture an inspired vision that seamlessly travels between the worlds of the local and global experience yet is firmly rooted in the soil of Grenada’s culture and history. These are some the currents that run through this rich account of Bryan Bullen’s artistic and architectural creations, ones that are leaving an indelible imprint on the Caribbean scene."
Atul Bahl
Toronto, Canada