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St. George's University (SGU)


With the continuous expansion of this institution’s curriculum, the campus facilities also require suitable upgrades. The scope of COCOA’s services includes master planning, design of several ancillary buildings, renovations to existing study halls, in addition to the design of covered open-air pavilions for study.

01.   Generator Building
02.   Vet Anatomy Building
03.   Maintainance Building
04.   Veterinary Pavilion
05.   Ray & Jan Sis Hall
06.   Taylor Hall
07.   Taylor Hall Pavilion
08.   Charter Hall
09.   Fuel Station
10.   Transportation Building
11.   Chancellery Building
12.   Vendors Pavilion
13.   St. George’s Hall (Super Dorm 1)
14.   St. Morris Alpert Hall (Super Dorm 6)
15.   Science Hall
16.   Pensick Hall
17.   Modica Hall
18.   WINDREF and Anatomy Building
19.   Rituals Coffee
20.   Caribbean House