Residential Architect Grenada

Tropical, Contemporary Homes

To design quality homes in the Caribbean requires experience and the keen ability to adapt to the environment, the place and the culture. We consider the home as the place where people form close bonds, grow and share cherished experiences. For these reasons alone, it is essential to provide comfort, privacy, and security. We subscribe to the tenants of biophilic design which fuses the built environment with nature, permitting open-plan living spaces which are free flowing, and stay cool by offering good ventilation while connecting the inside with the outside. 

As Grenada’s premier architect, COCOA’s unique brand of contemporary houses has placed us at the forefront of regional design. As we continue to refine our process and deliver award-winning residential homes, COCOA strives to improve building standards of the current housing stoke, catering to all sizes, types and budgetary provisions.    

To keep pace with the challenges of building in the tropics, we believe architects and planners, as can be said for engineers, landscape and interior architects along with contractors and suppliers, must reexamine their modes of operating. Conversations are needed across all disciplines of the design and construction industries supported by consumers, coupled by well-crafted policies and the willingness of policy makers with the shared objective to streamline processes, ensure efficiencies, mitigate waste and propagate a culture that provides the likelihood for people to live in properly designed homes.