Institutional Architect Grenada

Energy Efficient Design

With the current changes to the global ecology, so too the design of buildings must be considered to enhance functions. For most institutions, energy efficiency is a critical matter which not only allows buildings to operate effectively for their intended purpose but is necessary to control cost. This fact is particularly true for Grenada and other Caribbean islands where electricity comes at a premium. 

For previous COCOA projects, such as the Grenada House of Parliament, Lowther’s Lowther’s Lane Government Complex (LLGOC) and various buildings at St. George’s University (SGU), we specified insulated walls and roofs, materials such as low-E glazing, Brise Soleil shading devises, in addition to efficient mechanical and air-conditioning systems, alongside effective landscaping with trees to provide sun protection and water features for passive cooling. 

We are strong proponents of ‘green building technologies’ and believe that integrating such systems as photovoltaic panels to harness the sun’s energy, and water collection among other technologies are necessary best practices that not only strengthen the capacity of institutions but also demonstrates our willingness to be part of the solution to counteract environmental change.